Our Nature Tours in and near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Sloth Home-Manuel Antonio National ParkManuel Antonio National Park is our top rated tour for wildlife observation



Mangrove Monkey Tours is the best way to see one of the most vital and astounding ecosystems in the world while having fun watching monkeys


Bird WatchingBird Watching is the perfect tour to discover local birds while enjoying the views that Manuel Antonio has to offer

Night Jugle Tour
Our Jungle Night Walk is our top rated tour to see frogs. Be aware of snakes and creepy insects. Lizards are sleeping by this time
Rainmaker Park
Rainmaker is a hidden gem away from crowds. It is about hiking, suspension bridges and natural river pools, also it is the best place to see green and black poison dart frog
Discover the astonishing wildlife Hacienda Baru has to offer. Our nature experts are happy to share with you amazing facts about this very dynamic ecosystem
Our breathtaking Waterfall Tours is the perfect combination of 2.5 Miles hike to find peace in the heart of the jungle and relax in the most impressive waterfall