Bird-watching Manuel Antonio

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Visiting Manuel Antonio is a must do when in Costa Rica. And why not to wonder around your hotel spotting some birds, colorful tropical migratory and not migratory species.

So, if you are not a bird expert, probably you do not have an idea how hard and expensive  is to hire a local guide to discover and identified the amazing local species.

Based on the info above, Nature Experts has designed an easy enjoyable morning and afternoon local bird-watching tours on very accessible price for everyone.

Customers are taking to the best spots to see beautiful toucans, the brilliant scarlet macaw, woodpeckers, tanagers, flycatchers, doves, euphonias, orioles, seedeaters, hawks, falcons, etc. Amount of species varies depending of the month because some migrate.

Everyone welcome to join this 2 hours activity for only $45 per person. Groups of 2 to 6 people

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